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Kinfolks, U.S.A.

The history of Kinfolks company is directly connected to the Case company.

"To understand Kinfolks Cutlery you must travel time and place, four decades before the company was founded in 1926 in Little Valley, New York.
Rewind to the 1880s and Spring Green, Nebraska, where the Cases homesteaded - And where three cousins were as wild as they wanted:
Russ Case stuffing rags in the chimney of the schoolhouse to smoke the teacher out, instead burning the building down;
Dean Case helping his older cousin Russ stuff those rags, then scouring the prairie for bones that would later become knife handles;
and Tint Champlin, a partner of J.B.F. Champlin & Son Cutlery by the age of seven, getting a brief reprieve from business to be with family along the Kansas- Nebraska border."
                     from the Dean Elliott Case book "A History of Cutlery and Cousins".

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