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Robert Klaas, Prussia.

1834 Establishment of a penknife production by Peter Daniel Pauls, a former scissors-maker and father of the late proprietor Frederick Robert Klaas in Hofschaft Scharrenberg Merscheid the community.
1843 Purchase of a house in the mayor's office to Merscheid belonging Hofschaft Mankhaus and the company moved to this location. In this house, first office and packing room were located. The production took place in an additional building at the new location. The house shows to this day at the gable, the letters "PDP" and the year of establishment of the 1843rd At this location, the company is in Mankhausen Robert Klaas active to this day.
1850 Specialization of the company especially in the production of high-quality three-and four-part pocket knives.
First significant order from the United States of America.
From 1851, the seat of the company with specified "Mankhaus at Ohligs".
1857 Friedrich Robert Klaas married Julianna Henrietta Pauls, the daughter of the founder of factory Peter Pauls. After Peter Daniel Pauls's death the factory and all condition passed to his daughter Julianna and the son-in-law, Friedrich Robert Klaas.
1869, 20th February   Entry of the company in the commercial register by the name "Robert Klaas", Solingen-Ohligs, Pfeilstrasse 37.
The sales of high quality bags and pen knife and scissors increased both domestically and in bordering countries and the USA.
1893 Incorporation of the make "storks".
1897 Robert Klaas retires from business, and transmits it to his two sons Walter and Ernst.
1900 Due to the continuous growth of the company due to a successful business, especially in the U.S., the facilities for the production have been extended considerably.
1908 Construction of the four-storey commercial building, mainly for storage, shipping and administration. To date, this building serves its intended use over one hundred years.
1917 Building their own fight. By using their own brawl, the company made independent of suppliers for much needed raw materials for the manufacture of blades and knives. In 1922, the relocation of the brawl followed in a new building with associated hardening.
1934 The company celebrates its 100th anniversary with employees and business friends on a boat trip on the Rhine.
The city of Solingen thanked in a special way: The road leading to the commercial building was renamed the Robert Klaas-road.
Establishment and development of business in South America, particularly in Brazil and Mexico.
Construction of the Operations Department "Bare Arms".
The Second World War demanded his toll. The political situation in Germany and the lack of energy and raw materials led to the development of the company after the war was seriously affected and a new beginning was only with the greatest effort. Only issue with the "small Permits" by the Allied Military Government in September 1945, was allowed to work in the factory with a very limited number of staff are recorded and limited energy re-allocation.
1948 The currency reform on 21 June 1948 brought a significant economic turnaround and laid the foundation for the reconstruction of the economy in Germany.
Construction of a new representative network in Germany and Europe as well as activation of existing customers at home and abroad.
1955 Expansion of the building for affray and locksmith by an additional floor. In the newly created space with new machines created a modern grinding.
1983 Acquisition of the make "Hahn und Henne" or "Hen & Rooster" the former Bertram company. All products of the
brand "Hahn und Henne" enjoy the world, particularly in the United States have the
best reputation as a quality label for excellent quality "Made in Solingen".
Building a partnership with the firm Frost Cutlery, Chattanooga, Tennessee. To date, they are sold to the "cock and hen" pocket knife in the U.S. exclusively by this company.
1990 After opening the "wall" on 09.11.1989 build the dealer network in East Berlin and eastern Germany.
1997 The company successfully brings the "monolith" knives on the market. A year later the production of Klaas Damask knife of the year starts in limited edition.
2009 The company celebrates its 175th anniversary.
The company is still in business.
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