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William Greaves & Sons, Sheffield.

Greaves' had been active since at least 18th century. Unconfirmed reports state that the business began in Burgess Street in 1775, where William Greaves, cutler, was listed in 1787. By 1817, William Greaves had moved to Division Street and had brought his sons - Edeard and Richard - into the business. In 1823, the Greaves family built Sheaf Works, it was the first sign that great changes were underway in the Sheffield cutlery trade. The main block of Sheaf Works (still standing in Maltravers Street near the Wicker) was the centrepiece of the first large-scale factory in the town.
In 1850, William Greaves & Sons was dissolved, the stock and machinery auctioned, and the remaining partners went their separate ways. B.J. Eyre launched his own company, using part of Sheaf Works. The steel and tool side of Sheaf Works was taken over by Thomas Turton & Sons, which thereafter owned and used the Greaves & Sons mark. Turton's was later bought by Frederick T.Mappin.

In the Lummus article "Old Sheffield Razors", the same razor was dated 1830.

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