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Southington Cutlery Co.

A stock company was organized in Southington, Connecticut in October, 1867 for the manufacture of cutlery. Amon Bradley was president, and John Gridley secretary and treasurer. 
The business grew steadily, until 1899. The buildings covered a large area, fronting on Central Street. The company was originally formed for the manufacture of table and pocket knives.
In 1869, it was decided to engage in the manufacture of steel squares and other small items. By 1899, squares, curry combs, tire bolts, stove bolts, and bicycle parts were also manufactured. The cutlery made by Southington was of the highest quality. They dropped the manufacture of cutlery in 1905. The name was changed to the Southington Hardware Company in 1908, and they continued doing business under this new name for several years.
The blade is 9/16, square point, full hollow ground.
There's some pitting on the blade.
The stamp was partially lost.
The pictures speak for themselves.
Shave ready. 
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