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Ford & Medley, Sheffield.

This firm dealt in mass market table cutlery, electro-plate, and razors. It registered a silver mark in 1900 from an Arundel Street address. The owner was Albert Medley (who had been born in 1875 and lived in Meersbrook). In the Census (1901), he was enumerated as a 26-year-old cutlery manufacturer, living in Beeton Road. He was the son of Joseph (a razor blade grinder) and Emily Medley. By the end of the WWI, the firm occupied Emu Works in Eyre Street, with Albert as managing director. It ceased business in the mid-1930s. Midley apparently died in 1948, aged 73. The company trade mark were "EMU" and "WIZARD" and intertwined ropes (pic.), with the letters "F M". Ford & Medley also acquired Bingham & Ogden and its "SELECT" mark.

The blade is 5/8, square point, 1/4 hollow ground.
There's some patina on the blade.
The razor was re-pinned.
The pictures speak for themselves.
Shave ready.
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