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Mandarin Razor MFG Co., The Finest Sheffield Steel 47 5/8.

Most likely, the razor was made by Goedecke & Co. GmbH, Solingen-Merscheid in 1900 and 1925, Beethovenstrasse 258-60 in 1939. The company is in business since 1900.
They was the owners of trademarks:
Osgar, Metropol, Cosmos, Discos, Mandarin, Beste Rasierklinge, Carmen, Cherry Brand.Consort, Crown & Mitre, Cullinan, Da-Capo, Deputy, Derby, Duetschmeister, Dom, Dosrond, Emir, Ever Ready, Finest Silver Steel Razor, Fjord, Gauntlet, Goe, The Crown & Gauntlet, Goedecke, Goedeckes Meisterklinge, Goes Meisterklinge, Jupiter, Kidnap, King's Cross, Metro, Nateswera, Patron, Odeon, Ophir, Oxidene, Rochus, Sea Bell, Sealord, Sea Lord, Slyde-Stroke, Sparrow, Suitzall, St. Eloi, Starmatz, Totai, Dome, El Banderillo, Per Gynt.
In 1920, they were listed as metal-tools makers, straight-razor makers, cutlery makers and etc., and as exporter.
In 1939, as straight-razor makers.

Adolphe Arbenz (full name Adolphe Arbenz-Oederlin) also was the owner of Mandarin trademark. He began the business in about 1892,
late of 34, Avenue de Rumine, Lausanne, in the republic of Switzerland,
formerly of Ludgate-hill, in the city of Birmingham, England.
He died on 6 June, 1922.
The blade is 5/8, round point, full hollow ground.
There's some patina on the blade.
The razor was re-scaled (new handle from Thiers-Issard, France).
The pictures speak for themselves.
Shave ready.
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