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John Blyde, Clintock Works, Sheffield.

A foundation date of 1841 is recorded in the trade literature for this company. John Blyde(1827-1899), a Sheffield-born scissor and surgical instrument manufacturer, was working at Norfolk Street Works, Norfolk Lane, in 1862. Ha may have been the son of James Blyde. By the 1870s, the address was Burgess Street, with John Blyde advertising surgical instruments, scissors, and trusses. The firm employed 27 workers in 1871.
By 1883, the business had moved to Clintock Works, Milton Street. In directories in the 1880s, Blyde was described as a "Manufacturer of Fine Scissors, Pen, Pocket, and Table Knives; Razors, Horse Scrapes, Clipping Scissors, Singeing Lamps".
John Blyde died "very suddenly" on 15 December 1899, aged 72. He was a Wesleyan Methodist. John Blyde's son, Arthur John Blyde(1857-19200, continued the business. According to local chronicler Henry Tatton, John Blyde's son, James, was remembered as the first man in Sheffield to drive a motor car.
In 20th century, the business switched almost entirely to hand-forged surgical scissors. When A.J. Blyde died in 1920, his successors adopted limited liability and also took over Greenhough. The corporate mark was a picture of Saturn above the word "Genius", which was used on scissors and cutlery; and a picture of a golfer above the words, "Sure & Far", which was used on pen and pocket knives. A profile in Quality(March 1957) stated that it was the last surgical scissor house that could hand forge scissor of any description. In the 1970s, Blyde's was wound up.

The razor was made 1883-1891.
The blade is 6/8, french/irish point, 1/2 hollow ground.
The etching on the blade.
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