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Stiletto Cutlery Co., N.Y., Made in Germany.

The trademark was used by Miller, Sloss & Scott, and also Baker, Hamilton & Pacific Company, 1896-1942.
Miller, Sloss & Scott were absorbed by the Pacific Hardware & Steel Company about 1901.
In 1918, Baker & Hamilton merged with Pacific Hardware & Steel Company, forming the
Baker, Hamilton & Pacific Hardware. This firm operated under this name until about
1943, when it was changed to the Baker & Hamilton Hardware Company.
So, according the razor stamp("made in") and the trademark history, the razor was made 1921-1942.

The blade is 11/16, round point, full hollow ground.
The blade etched with "Beauty".
Most likely, bone covered tang.
There is some patina on the blade.
The pictures speak for themselves.
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