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Joseph Westby, Sheffield in ivory.

The founder of the company was the son of William Westby, who was a manager and then
partner at Brookes & Crookes. Joseph was apprenticed at the factory.
He was listed as a maker of knives in his own right at Atlantic Works between 1876 and 1888.
A partnership with Charles Swift Levick in Trippet Lane followed, based in Congo Works, Pinfold Street/Trippet Lane, but it was dissolved in 1894. It that year,
Joseph Westby & Co Ltd was established at Congo Works, dealing in cutlery, scissors and electro-plate.
By 1913, J.Westby was listed at Times Buildings in Bow Street, and Trippet Lane.
After WWI, J.Westby moved to Central Works, West Street, and became one of the first firms to introduce stainless steel cutlery.
He died on 10 December 1929, aged 75. The firm moved to Furnival Street during the WWII: it had ceased trading by 1965.
No trademark has been traced, though Westby registered silver marks in 1893(as Westby, Levick & Co.) and 1894(as Joseph Westby & Co.). 

The blade is 6/8, round point, full hollow ground.
The handle and covered tang are ivory.
The pictures speak for themselves.
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