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Hibbard,Spencer,Bartlett & Co catalog, 1899.

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The Geo.Worthington Co. catalog, 1902-1904.
Soviet Russian catalog of "Trud" razors.
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Puma-Werk Solingen razors booklet. 
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Kabrand catalog.
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How to define a handle material.
Dating the razors, before and after 1891.
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Why diamond pastes have conflicting grit sizes.
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Translation by Jim Rion (aka JimR on SRP).
 The article was kindly provided by Jim Rion (
Use tape.
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The history of Frederick Reynolds Ltd.
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Pages with razors from Camille Pagé books.
(Camille Pagé (1844-1917) - cutler and encyclopaedist, who made a great work.
He collected since 1896 to 1904 all info about profession in six volumes).
The history of William Rodgers, Sheffield.
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German Patent marks.
Document about the "wash-stamp" practice on cutlery, mainly knives and razors.
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The Tang Stamps Of Adolph Kastor, Camillus and Their Cutlery Relatives.

Черновики статей для журнала  R.I.F.:
(Drafts of articles for the R.I.F. magazine.)

Устройство опасной бритвы.
Заточка и правка опасной бритвы.
История известной английской компании George Wostenholm and Sons.
История американского рынка опасных/прямых бритв.
История одной из известнейших немецких компаний H.Boker & Co.
Советы по бритью опасной бритвой.
Идентификация, определение примерного возраста опасной/прямой бритвы.
Identification, definition of the approximate age of the straight razor.
Материалы, используемые для изготовления ручек для бритв.
The materials, which are used for manufacturing of handles for razors.
Бритва и слоновая кость.
Straight razors and ivory.

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