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Joseph Smith & Sons, Celebrated Razor, 3415.

Joseph Smith was born in 1785. The Company of Cutlers recorded the apprenticeship of Joseph Smith to his father, Isaac Smith, a razor maker in Stannington. Joseph was granted his Freedom in 1810. He first appeared in a Sheffield directory in 1833, trading from Radford Street. By 1852, the enterprise became "& Son" - presumably with the addition of Joseph's son, John. The enterprise employed ten men and three boys. By the late 1870s, it had moved to Solly Street. The trademark was "Joseph Smith & Sons, Celebrated Razors", above "3415"(granted in 1810). By 1887, the name and mark had been acquired by Joseph Allen & Sons.
The razor was made approximately in 1850s.
The razor 6/8, barber's notch, wedge blade in a good condition.
The scales are engraved " The Old English Razor", but gold color was lost.
There's a crack on the end of the handle, see the last pic.
Shave ready.
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