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Hugo Koller, Solingen.

The company was in business since 1861. 
Registered 25th September 1894 Solingen, Grünewalder Strasse 28.
Grünewalder Strasse 28 in 1939-1999, An der Eichen 20-22 from 1999. 
Trademarks: "Aarwerk" (1913), "Hygenie" (1912/13), "Koeller" (1900), "Koller's" (1980s), "Kriegsruf-Bahnfrei!" (1915), "Plum" (1924-5), "Parforce" (1904), "Propaganda" (1925).

This razor is smaller than usual, 9/16, round point, full hollow in a good condition.
The blade has some minor pitting.
Shave ready.

"I'll send this razor completely free to those who agree to
pay 50 $ for a humanitarian organization of its
choice in support of Japan.
I'm required to see proof of payment before

The razor was sent to Solingen, Germany.


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Cougar 72.

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Epatant 06.

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Huon Mons 818.

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