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About me

The first time I have shaved with straight razor in far 1987.
Seriously to be engaged in restoration and sharpening of razors I have begun in 2005.
Honing and restoration services on all types of straight razors and knives available.
I try to restore razors so that they were closer to the original to keep a primordial form of the razor and to keep its history.
I try to learn the history of manufacturing of each razor I work with.
I live in Israel.
You can always send me email: 
Don't hesitate to ask any questions.
Also I hone all types of the cigar cutters.

Good luck,
Alex Ts. (aka manah).

Some of my pipes.
Some of my lighters.

Also I can be found at Straight Razor Place forum.

A new book of the straight razor's history by French authors/collectors André Morand and Alex Delaide - "L' industrie mondiale du rasoir couteau ".
It's a beautiful, deep and interesting book with a large material about different razor makers. Also you can find there the material from

No.1 of the Israeli magazine about knives.
Available in Russian, Hebrew and English.

I with Franco Lorenzi in Milan, Sep.2009.

Pages from his book "Rasoi e lame; barbe e baffi".

08.09.2008, 14:17

For Sale

Leresche, France.

Price: 78 USD

Cougar 72.

Price: SOLD

Epatant 06.

Price: SOLD

Huon Mons 818.

Price: SOLD